GBG Shortlisted for EGR Global B2B Awards 2021

GBG Shortlisted for EGR Global B2B Awards 2021

We’re delighted to announce that GBG has been shortlisted at the EGR Global B2B Awards 2021 in the Compliance & KYC Supplier category - congratulations to everyone involved! The winner will be announced at the EGR Global B2B Awards 2021 on 6 and 7 July 2021, at the hybrid, both virtual and in person, awards ceremony.

2020 was an exceptional year for product innovation at GBG expanding and improving our automated identity verification focus for our Gaming clients. Operators can now benefit from improvements in player protection, increased onboarding rates and reductions in manual processing costs.

We are first to market with an affordability solution with operators already integrating it into their player protection processes including Boyle Sports. Our Affordability solution uses the best available data for player-specific affordability screening to protect players from gambling beyond their means. “GBG’s Geo-Affordability data offers a unique picture of UK demography, which allows us to make instant, accurate assessments that tailor our products to ensure that customers’ activity is affordable as well as fun.” David Smith, MLRO, Head of Risk at BoyleSports

We have helped Operators to uplift their match rates by up to 10% and reduce player drop off leading to increased revenue with our new Multi Bureau solution. GBG are the only provider of combined multiple credit bureaus with true multiple matching compliance, preventing common errors including accidental double matching.  One customer trial resulted in 5% improvement in onboarding rates. With 1.2 million customers processed per year this equates to £9 million extra in revenue and £6 million in additional margin.

Our automated on-going monitoring screening is helping Operators stay compliant and save time, automatically sending customers from initial screening to monitoring. “GBG's PEP and Sanctions ongoing monitoring solution has reduced our exposure to high-risk global customers. We receive flags for high-risk players and alerts if players status’ changes. This gives confidence we are automatically being protected and maintaining compliance. GBG's expertise and support help ensure our process runs smoothly and efficiently.” - Charlie McMaw, Head of Operations at High 5 Games

Our 2021/22 roadmap will ensure we help Operators with the continuing challenges of compliance, regulation, onboarding and fraud protection. We will extend our data reach to provide customers with reliable verification datasets globally and expand our range of fraud detection and prevention solutions.

To review the complete list of award categories or to learn more about the event you can visit the EGR Global B2B Awards 2021 website.

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