10 reasons to choose ID3global

10 reasons to choose ID3global

Choosing an identity verification solution is a challenge. The right vendor can help you boost conversion, fight fraud and satisfy regulators – but its solution needs to be robust, reliable and easy to integrate.

Here are 10 reasons why GBG ID3global is the right identity verification solution for you.


Dedicated support

GBG’s Professional Services team has decades of combined experience consulting with customers in a range of sectors to understand what their onboarding journeys should look like and then integrating the solution.


Instant insight

GBG ID3global users get 24/7 access to Management Information data insights to understand their audit trail without the need for support from an account manager or any additional costs.

Higher match rates

GBG match rates are typically higher than our competition’s – but anyone can achieve a high match rate if they apply less thorough checks. However, our layering approach triangulates multiple data points to verify a customer, which means GBG offers a high match rate you can have confidence in.


Exclusive and exhaustive datasets

With datasets covering 27 countries, including some only available through GBG, ID3global can help you expand into new markets and territories around the world.


Always-on and secure

Our average monthly uptime is greater than 99% and we place the highest security and compliance standards on ourselves (IS027001, PCI DSS Level 3).


Single API

Access the widest range of international and unique personal identifiers currently available in the market, delivered through a single, easily integrated API.



ID3global users can see clearly where and why a match is a match. As regulators increase scrutiny on identity verification, GBG customers can have confidence in our match rates, knowing they can prove compliance to regulators if they are audited.


Enhanced checks

ID3global features the ability to run enhanced PEPs and sanctions checks at the onboarding stage, as well as the option to carry out detailed investigations and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) on individuals.

A proven vendor

We’ve helped organisations to verify their customers’ identities for more than three decades. We’re used and recommended by some of the world’s biggest brands. And, as a multi-award winning organisation, we’re a brand you can trust.


A dedicated team

Our culture has forged a truly dedicated team of engaged and enthusiastic experts with endless experience across all sectors.

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