GO’s unique orchestration brings together the power of our award-winning identity proofing technologies at the right moment in your customer journey to reduce risk and maximize customer conversion.

Complete orchestration

GO delivers back- and front-end onboarding orchestration, plugging into trusted identity-proofing technologies and global data sources to minimize risk and fast-track trusted customers.

Technology platform

GO plugs your customer onboarding into an expanding portfolio of proprietary GBG identity proofing and fraud prevention technologies and over 30 vendor technologies and counting.

Customer lifecycle

The eDNA algorithms that power GO continue to monitor your customer identities beyond initial onboarding, looking for suspicious changes and reflecting the latest risk level.

Customer conversion

GO analyses journey times, drop-off rates and screen performance helping you to optimize for customer conversion and revenue growth while reducing the risk of fraud.

Directed journeys

GO collects data at each step of the customer journey, deploying evaluation models including rule systems, machine learning and heuristics to intelligently map the optimal route.

Go to market with confidence

GO is the no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

GO simpler

Customer journeys that are simple to create and easy to complete.

GO faster

Global, ready-to-go-to-market customer onboarding in minutes.

GO smarter

Optimized onboarding experience and risk-based approach

GO safer

Secure journeys that minimize risk and fast track trusted customers

Customer onboarding that’s good to GO

  • 350+ global datasets
  • 200+ country ID document library
  • Go to market in minutes, not days

“GBG GO is truly a one-stop solution for my team to deliver efficient customer due diligence.”

Kristi Evans

Chief Compliance Officer

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