Fraud risk assessment

GO delivers AML and fraud risk assessment with automated decision-making to accept, deny or review applicants, detect identity fraud, and screen for sanctions and PEPs.

GO select your customer journey

GO brand and localize your customer experience

GO embed your journey into your website

GO live, onboarding customers with confidence

Fraud prevention

GO combines secure customer journeys, fraud signalling and our AI-powered eDNA identity intelligence technology to stop the onboarding process when the risk is too high.

Fraud signals

GO red flags a constantly updated set of fraud signals, such as fake data, device integrity, IP and geolocation, automatically denying or securely re-routing high-risk applications.

Identity eDNA

eDNA is an identity intelligence technology that builds a secure identity graph from anonymized data, accurately analyzing and recognizing identity fraud patterns.

Risk-based onboarding

GO’s risk-based approach maximizes customer acquisition by fast-tracking low-risk customers while taking high-risk customers on a more secure onboarding journey.

Customer lifecycle monitoring

The eDNA algorithms that power GO continue to monitor your customer identities beyond initial onboarding, looking for suspicious changes and reflecting the latest risk level.

Go to market with confidence

GO is the no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

GO simpler

Customer journeys that are simple to create and easy to complete

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Global, ready-to-go-to-market customer onboarding in minutes

GO smarter

Optimized onboarding experience and risk-based approach

GO safer

Secure journeys that minimize risk and fast track trusted customers