Branding, consent and translation

GO gives you complete brand control, including logo, colors and typography, built-in customer consent checks and language localization to let you go to market across the globe.

GO select your customer journey

GO brand and localize your customer experience

GO embed your journey into your website

GO live, onboarding customers with confidence

Your customer journey

This is hopefully the beginning of new relationship, so GO helps you to get it right, giving you complete control of your journey interface and customer onboarding experience.


Add your brand logo and GO autodetects your colors, suggesting a brand color palette for your pages, adjust form components to match and make font choices for your typography.

UI Editor

Preview all the pages your customers will experience on desktop, tablet or mobile and edit copy, prompts and calls to action, checking your layouts for different languages.

Localization and languages

Localize your primary UI language into multiple languages to go-to-market around the world or, activate geofencing to block access from countries that you do not serve.

Legal & Consent

Add or link to your service terms and conditions and list your data controller contact details for GDPR, enabling customer consent capture for both as part of your onboarding.

Go to market with confidence

GO is the no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

GO simpler

Customer journeys that are simple to create and easy to complete

GO faster

Global, ready-to-go-to-market customer onboarding in minutes

GO smarter

Optimized onboarding experience and risk-based approach

GO safer

Secure journeys that minimize risk and fast track trusted customers