Customer onboarding
that’s good to go

GBG GO is a no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all for you. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

GO select your customer journey

GO brand and localize your customer experience

GO embed your journey into your website

GO live, onboarding customers with confidence

Optimized experience

GO smarter

GO lets you onboard low-risk customers fast, taking high-risk customers on a more secure journey. This risk-based approach lets you focus on premium customer experiences and improve your cost-per-customer acquisition.

Speed to market

GO faster

GO gets you converting customers fast. With no-code customer Journey Builder and templates, built-in experience branding, customer consent and language translations, you can go to market worldwide in minutes, not days.

Easy customer onboarding

GO simpler

GO is a simple, identity verification and customer onboarding solution. With drag-and-drop customer Journey Builder, ready-to-go templates and easy UI Editor, you don’t need to know code to know your customer.

Know your customer

GO safer

GO’s secure identity document proofing, data verification and AI-powered decisioning combine to minimize risk, meet compliance and fight fraud. By fast-tracking only customers you trust, you can go to market with confidence.

Adapt and enhance

GO your way

GO offers an end-to-end customer onboarding solution with real-time analytics of journey times, screen performance and drop-off locations. Or select GO capabilities to enhance your existing solution.

GBG GO is powered by

Customer onboarding that’s good to GO

  • 350+ global datasets
  • 200+ country ID document library
  • Go to market in minutes, not days

“GBG GO is truly a one-stop solution for my team to deliver efficient customer due diligence.”

Are you ready?