ID security on your door

Protect your customers and your licence. Scannet for nightclubs, bars and venues, checks IDs in seconds, detecting fakes and stopping underage and unwelcome visitors at your door.

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Protect your customers

Protect your license

24/7 technical support

Scan IDs in seconds

Scannet gets your customers in and having a good time at speed. Dedicated document scanners positioned at your door cycle through from presentation to pass in seconds, ready for your next patron.

Protect your customers and your license

Whether you manage a nightclub, bar or another venue, Scannet offers safe visitor management, authenticating ID at point of entry. Find out if an ID is fake or genuine fast, protecting your customers, your staff and your venue licence. We are ISO27001 certified, meaning we are qualified for the highest standard of information security procedures.

Scanner choice & 24/7 support

Scannet offers a choice of kiosk floor machines and countertop ID scanners to safeguard your business, complete with free software upgrades and unlimited 24/7 technical and expert document support.

Matching customer IDs

Scannet technology is designed for your business and fully configurable to admit patrons that matches our database.

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Global ID library

Recognise 4,000+ document types using the largest and fastest-growing registry of IDs anywhere in the world

ISO27001 certified

Certified for the highest standard of information security procedures. Additionally, IS09001 certified.

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Detect fake IDs

Authenticate genuine IDs in seconds and spot the fakes, so you know exactly who you is using your venue.

Spot troublemakers

Auto-snapshot technology captures IDs on your system, cross-matching faces and identifying flagged individuals.

Real-time security alerts

Receive real-time warnings from other venues experiencing fake IDs or problem customers.

Put Scannet ID security on your door