GBG has enabled Arval UK to achieve significant efficiency gains in customer onboarding processes and deliver increased levels of customer satisfaction

GBG has enabled Arval UK to achieve significant efficiency gains in customer onboarding processes and deliver increased levels of customer satisfaction


A leading sustainable vehicle leasing and fleet management company required a fully automated Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. Arval UK supports customers of all sizes, range from SMEs to large international customers, and was seeking a Know Your Customer solution, which would achieve high levels of automation and deliver outstanding customer service.

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The challenge

Founded in 1989, Arval UK is owned by BNP Paribas, one of the world’s best rated banking groups. Specialising in sustainable vehicle leasing and fleet management, Arval UK supports customers of all sizes, ranging from SMEs with one or two vehicles through to large international corporates with thousands, and funds more than 182,000 vehicles in the UK.

Arval UK’s comprehensive range of products, services and fleet solutions helps its customers to operate their company vehicles in the most effective way and outsource the risks associated with fleet management.

The company was seeking to automate its Know Your Customer (KYC) checks for onboarding new customers. Manual checks took 45 minutes to complete. This in turn meant that Arval UK needed to increase staffing levels in the KYC team to meet customer demand.

In parallel, Arval UK was seeking to increase trust in its brand, make its business operations more sustainable and gain more agility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The solution

Arval UK carried out a rigorous assessment process to identity potential companies, which could provide an automated KYC solution to meet Arval UK’s needs. GBG’s Instinct solution was selected as the best fit for the company.

GBG Instinct is a sophisticated anti-fraud and compliance management solution. With its flexible and fully scalable design, Instinct completes comprehensive KYC and anti-fraud checks at the point of onboarding and helps organisations to improve their operational efficiency.

GBG Instinct carries out KYC and anti-fraud checks for Arval UK in two ways:

  • The solution compares the details of all new customers against a database of Black List, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanctions lists, required as regulatory checks
  • GBG Instinct then compares the customer’s details against the active KYC and anti-fraud rules predefined according to Arval’s UK policies.

In addition, the GBG Orchestration module is a bolt on a module that enables Arval UK to configure API links to external databases and design the workflow for KYC processes within the Instinct application.  The module is designed work with GBG Instinct detection with minimal configuration and additional required.

The GBG solution provides the following functionality to Arval UK:

  • The capability to run customised KYC and AML checks with rules and criteria set by Arval UK
  • The customisation of the detection workflow to meet changing business needs
  • The ability to design quickly workflows using a “drag and drop” feature, without the requirement for specialist IT support
  • The use of data from internal or external data sources, using REST/SOAP calls
  • Interact with the database to store and retrieve data to make branching decisions
  • A robust compliance audit trail for KYC checks and an excellent customer experience.

The outcome

GBG Instinct has enabled Arval UK to achieve several benefits across its KYC operations. These include:

  • Increasing the productivity of the company’s KYC team, as a high percentage of cases now go through GBG Instinct automatically without any manual intervention
  • Meeting regulatory compliance and reporting obligations for Know Your Customer and associated regulatory checks
  • Significantly improving the company’s ability to respond rapidly to regulatory changes for KYC requirements and tailor the customer journey (for example, with the increased digitisation of sales channels)
  • Reducing the KYC team’s reliance on IT and specialist resources, as GBG Instinct does not require the use of any specialist programming languages
  • Integrating data sources from external and internal sources securely and automatically into the KYC process.

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