GBG launches GBG Detected: an end-to-end Know Your Business (KYB) solution to tackle global KYB challenge
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GBG launches GBG Detected: an end-to-end Know Your Business (KYB) solution to tackle global KYB challenge

GBG joins forces with Detected to bring the solution to the market 

11 July 2024, LONDON, UK: GBG, the leading expert in global identity and location, today launches GBG Detected, an end-to-end Know Your Business (KYB) solution, to address the growing demand for more robust and reliable KYB processes. GBG has joined forces with Detected, a trailblazer in the KYB sector, to bring GBG Detected to the market.  

The collaboration between the two businesses marks a significant step forward in the evolution of KYB services and brings together GBG's global data, agile technology and expert teams and Detected's cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach to solve the global KYB challenges businesses face today.  

Fast and reliable KYB with GBG Detected 

Currently, businesses face complex and drawn out KYB processes, which often require manual intervention, costing organisations both time and money. GBG Detected’s all-in-one solution simplifies compliance workflows and enhances the overall user experience for both businesses and their customers. With GBG Detected, businesses can expect faster time to revenue, reduced costs, and improved operational efficiencies.  

Key benefits of GBG Detected include: 

  • Fast, secure and seamless onboarding - Powered by Detected and GBG, the solution utilises advanced automation to streamline and enhance KYB process, enabling quicker onboarding and verification all while reducing the time and effort required by compliance teams. The solution easily connects into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms without disruption. 
  • Global identity data ecosystem - GBG’s identity verification solution is seamless integrated into GBG Detected, ensuring Know Your Customer (KYC) checks of Company Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owner’s (UBO) are completed to the highest standard. With GBG, businesses can verify and onboard customers globally with the greatest breadth and depth of in-country identity verification data.  
  • Universal application - The solution has application for all KYB use cases and is particularly strong in financial services, payments, and marketplaces. 

Gus Tomlinson, Chief Product Officer of GBG, commented on the partnership, saying, "KYB isn’t just a compliance requirement; it’s a strategic advantage. By combining our extensive identity verification capabilities and global identity data and document ecosystem with Detected's innovative technology, we not only address the complex challenges posed by KYB today but empower businesses to grow with confidence.” 

Similarly, Liam Chennells, CEO of Detected, said, “Partnering with GBG allows us to bring our next-generation KYB technology to a broader audience. Together, we can provide businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern regulatory landscapes while ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process. 

As the demand for reliable KYB solutions continues to grow, the partnership between GBG and Detected represents a timely and strategic move. GBG Detected is not just a product; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving the industry forward." 

For more information, visit GBG and Detected. 


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About Detected 

CoPilot, by Detected is reinventing KYB by consistently delivering an exceptional experience for any company on earth to validate businesses they want to work with.  

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