Passport Verification

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Identity investigation | GBG

Passport Scanner for Age verification

If your venue has age restrictions, you might already visually check visitors passports on entry. But would the individual checking the passport be able to tell if it was fake, altered or forged? You need to know exactly who is in your venue, so you can remain compliant with legislation

GBG Passport scanners for ID verification
Passport scanners for ID verification | GBG

Passport Scanner for employee screening

Many employers ask to see a passport as part of the recruitment process. But scanning and keeping a copy of an applicant's passport won't tell you if that document is fake, or has been altered. How do you know the applicant has the Right to Work in the UK? If you employ an illegal worker, you could face a civil penalty if you haven't carried out the correct checks.

Passport Verification for customer onboarding

Your customer onboarding process might already include a passport check - but how do you know if the passport your customer has given you is authentic? Don't be victim to fraud. You need to think compliance, whilst protecting your bottom line.

Passport scanners for ID verification

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