Data Cleansing and Ongoing Maintenance

From one-off processes to ongoing correction and verification, our data quality cleansing solutions help guarantee robust operational efficiency, protect brand reputation and provide full communication compliance.

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With average consumer data degrading by around 15-20% and business data by 30-40% every year, robust data management is an essential foundation to any strategy.

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Free Health Check

No obligation data assessment and quality index score as to how accurate, complete and compliant your data is.

Flexibility of services

Tailor-made data cleansing solutions to suit the specific needs of every business we work with.

Improved customer experiences

Deliver world-class customer engagements that support long and profitable relationships with your customers.

Contact Validation

Analyse address, email or telephone information on a batch basis to validate what contact information is live and usable – and identify data that needs to be replaced, sought or acquired.

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Graphic illustrating data deduplication process for data cleansing

Data Deduplication, Address Formatting and Address Correction

Identify duplicate records and incorrectly formatted addresses in your customer database to ensure the correct individuals are being contacted at the right address.

Address formatting and goneaway suppression

Reliably suppress customers and find forward addresses when your contacts move house so you can keep in touch.

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Graphic illustrating deceased screening process and checks

Deceased screening

Deceased screening helps you to act sensitively when your customers have passed away by removing deceased individuals from your database to avoid brand damage and identity fraud. 

Why choose GBG

Loqate, a GBG solution, are the world’s most trusted specialist for location data. Regardless of your industry or location, our innovative technology can be implemented quickly to ensure your business’ verification processes operate seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters - running your business.

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