Our global gender report on talent and rewards

Our global gender report on talent and rewards

Our first ever international Gender Pay Report reaches beyond UK borders to 86% of our global team members.

With over 1,000 team members worldwide and growing, our Gender Pay Report, 2021, published today, looks beyond our UK reporting baseline for the first time to include all our major team hubs – in Australia, Malaysia, the UK and the USA. As a business dedicated to building trust in a digital world and a signatory to the Tech Talent Charter, we are committed to transparency in our efforts to achieve equality in our recruitment, reward and retention plans for team members.

Since the publication of our first Gender Pay Report in 2018, we have seen a reduction of 10.1% for the average pay gap (based on hourly rate) among our UK team members.

Starting now, we have the data to measure our progress across all international teams with a statistically significant population size. No team has achieved parity yet, however, our US team is leading the way with a 7% average pay gap, while our Malaysia team has further to go with a 36% gap (based on hourly rate).

As a leading technology and data company, we value and reward talented team members with the competitive spirit that drives GBG to be the best at what we do. So, it’s also good to see a 5.1% year-on-year increase in female leadership in the top tier of our UK team. Again, on representation at senior leadership level our US team is out in front with 32% female leaders, UK 24%, Australia 18.5% and Malaysia 14%.

“The new Family Friendly and Work When and Where You Want policy show a consistent approach to work-life balance across all teams and all locations.”
Elly Berrill, Sales Manager, Mid-market & Enterprise

be/yourself at GBG

This year, our be/yourself programme has continued to focus us on diversity and nurturing an inclusive environment where there is equal access to opportunity. We know we have a lot more to do and we outline our actions for change over the next year toward the end of the report.

We have introduced a more flexible approach to where and when we work because, as a global tech business, we recognise that work is something we do, not a place where we go. This ensures each of us can balance our time and lifestyle, caring for our families and for ourselves.

One of the most family-friendly initiatives we introduced this year offers any parent returning from maternity, paternity or adoption leave the opportunity to return to work at 80% of her or his working week on 100% pay for the first 12 weeks. We’ve seen an amazing response from team members with an equal number of new mums and dads taking advantage of more quality time in these early days of family life.

“GBG has always provided me with the flexibility to plan my work commitments around the hours and days that worked for my family needs.”
Sarah Roberts, Voice of Customer Programme Manager

Working for us

This year has been one of our most successful to date, measured by customer NPS, financial results, or team engagement. In a recent team survey, 94% of us “would recommend GBG as a great place to work.”

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