Inside the tech behind GBG’s unmatchable match rates

Inside the tech behind GBG’s unmatchable match rates

From verifying identities to validating documents, technology is the foundation of everything we do at GBG. Here’s a look at how our exclusive identity verification technology works, and how it can help you achieve the best possible match rates.

GBG Identity Solution verifies customers’ identities, ages and bank account details quickly and without introducing friction to the onboarding experience. Capable of verifying identities worldwide, our Identity Solution helps organisations to fight fraud, comply with regulation, improve operational efficiency and optimise customer onboarding.

How it works

Our Global Identity Engine (GIDE) is the ‘brain’ of GBG Identity Solution. GIDE processes Identity Solution requests and automatically calls out to the external data sources required for verification.

When a GBG Identity Solution user submits a request for verification, GIDE extracts the data required for the check from an Identity Solution profile (which contains execution steps and risk configurations against data sources) before passing it to relevant external data source.

This process is automatic. When an item check is introduced, it is configured with mandatory and optional fields. Each item check receives the full user input but GIDE extracts only the information required to process the check before sending it to the supplier. GIDE ensures the necessary data is passed to the external data source in the right format to maximise matches and responses returned.

The external data source will return a result for GIDE to interpret and pass back to GBG Identity Solution in a simple, readable format.

That outcome is checked against the execution steps and pass conditions set by an organisation (according to its risk-based approach), and determines whether the check is a pass, fail or referral.  

All of this happens instantly and, from a customer’s perspective, seamlessly – allowing them to onboard with as little friction as possible, or to be moved onto an alternative journey, such as a request for additional identity documents.

When hitting multiple data sources, GBG’s technology interprets these, triangulates the results and delivers a single decision back to you.

Granularity and confidence

GIDE’s sophistication means users can have total confidence in the results it returns.

Its patented technology uses alias matching and extraction to account for matches in other languages (Dawe>David), close matches (Rd>Road) and associated words (Dave>David).

GIDE’s combined-logic matching offers a level of granularity that can’t be found elsewhere. While some providers will offer users a binary true or false match to an address query, GBG Identity Solution will (via GIDE) tell the user that the city and street returned a match but the building, for example, did not.

For a user, this means being able to identify points of failure within a check with absolute confidence. Users can access robust audit trails should their verification process come under scrutiny by regulators, allowing them to prove their compliance and easily demonstrate their processes.

What’s more, the granularity helps organisations to onboard more good customers by allowing them to investigate their pass/fail/refer rates, challenge assumptions and optimise their acceptance criteria accordingly.

An organisation might, for instance, find a significant number of checks are failing on a particular variable that isn’t actually required from a regulator’s perspective. With our technology, the company could tweak its acceptance criteria to disregard that variable and maximise pass rates while remaining compliant.

The technology opens up many more avenues for optimisation. For example, we’ve helped an organisation in the Forex space to improve its referral process by classifying types of fail so that it could more easily convert them to a pass.

As regulation continues to evolve and expand, the GBG Identity Solution, through GIDE, helps regulated organisations to keep pace – adjusting their pass criterion to meet new requirements as and when they emerge.

High pass rates are great, but so too is pass-rate confidence. GBG Identity Solution, powered by our GIDE technology, can give you both.

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