GBG TransAction drives online targeting through Facebook

Published: Monday April 27, 2015

Using the TransAction data asset we have enabled our customers to drive targeting for Facebook advertising. We are about to run our first customer acquisition campaign, going live in April 2015, for one of the UK’s leading home shopping brands. This is a new proposition for our clients and harnesses the TransAction data and our modelling and insight expertise to drive targeting through this digital channel.

TransAction is the syndicated consumer database pooled using data contributions from over 200 multi-channel home shopping brands in the UK. The brands contribute their full customer and enquirer data with the associated transactional information which is aggregated by Transactis to generate a detailed view of the UK consumer, based on known buying behaviour. This data and insight is harnessed to drive marketing activity around customer acquisition, retention and reactivation.

Typically GBG TransAction has been used for customer acquisition and retention through direct mail. The ability to now create custom audiences for online campaigns opens up new opportunities for GBG TransAction members and clients to further benefit from the datapool which GBG Transactis manages.

The approach which GBG Transactis has taken in developing the custom audience for targeting follows a similar methodology in how we use GBG TransAction data to optimise marketing activity. Namely, customer profiling, predictive modelling to identify best prospect for the customer acquisition activity, and, crucially, a collaborative approach with our client to ensure all objectives will be met in this new initiative. 

The campaign goes live shortly so we look forward to seeing the results from this exciting new proposition from GBG Transactis.

This presents an exciting opportunity for home shopping brands to drive marketing activity for customer acquisition and retention activity, but is by no means limited to this sector. 
GBG TransAction data and insight has been successfully deployed, over many years, by sectors as diverse as charity, insurance, financial services, automotive, publishing and utilities.

This opens up much more scope for GBG TransAction members and clients to benefit from the data asset. The GBG TransAction datapool is evolving in line with our customers’ needs and reflects the dynamic nature of multi-channel marketing.

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