Driving for work: How safe are your employees?

Published: Tuesday December 11, 2018

A blog post by Mark Sugden

The UK’s Department of Transport reports that in 2016, 529 people were killed, 5,269 seriously injured and almost 40,000 slightly injured in collisions involving a person driving or riding for work.

The UK Government’s HSE (Health and Safety Executive) estimates that over a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve someone that is driving for work.

So why are these figures so high?

Recent reports show an increase in all vehicle traffic on UK roads, particularly light goods vehicles (LGVs) such as vans, attributed to the growth in online shopping, home deliveries.

Consumers expect goods and services at the touch of a button, and this has led to a change in the way organisations do business, as they become increasingly digital. It has also led to the rise of the so-called ‘gig economy’, meaning many individuals get their work via an app.

Worryingly, 30 per cent of gig economy drivers admit that increasing demand and pressure to meet delivery targets have led them to drive through a red light at once, to ensure they finish a job in time.

In the UK, there are 2.6 million drivers with points on their licence, and 97,000 of those have 9 penalty points and therefore are at risk of losing their driving licence.

A non-licensed driver is essentially an uninsured driver, and this creates the needless risk to the reputation of the organisation and people of the roads.

The RAC found that only 13 per cent of motorists would tell their employer if they incurred penalty points. The responsibility for fleet managers and employers to help manage occupational road risk maximise safety on our roads, and continually monitor their drivers is greater than ever.

Keep your drivers safe by getting to know them better!

Our GBG KnowYourPeople technology supports road safety by enabling employers to regularly check and manage their drivers’ licence status quickly, compliantly and 24/7.

GBG’s direct link to the DVLA (the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) means employers can access an employee’s driving licence information to establish entitlement to drive, restrictions and endorsements. Risk based reports highlight any changes to a driver’s licence and highlights to the employer if any action is needed.

Get in touch to discover what GBG can do to help YOU manage your employees' driving status.



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