Our ability to establish trust between businesses and their customers places us at the heart of the global digital economy

Dynamic market

We operate in a rapidly expanding global market with great potential. This growth is fuelled by an ever increasing rate of online transactions and technology-led innovation.

Digital transformation is changing business models in most industries, with the widening use of mobile devices and cloud services, and the increasing maturity of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Global forces are increasing the market opportunity. More and more personal data is being generated; and at the same time there is an evolving regulatory landscape for our customers to navigate and the need to address growing levels of fraud.

Global coverage

Our global coverage gives us competitive advantage and our three global lines of business – Identity Verification, Compliance & Fraud Solutions and Location Intelligence – now account for 78 percent of our revenues.

As we scale internationally we continue to build our barriers for others to enter. Our award-winning technologies access hundreds of datasets worldwide and we are agnostic in terms of data format, language or location. Our technology is continually refined to provide the solutions that ensure we are a key component to our customers’ success.

Best people

We have a long-standing focus on people and we have a phenomenally strong team.

We attract and develop talent across all areas of the business and recently strengthened our Executive team with external hires in the UK and Asia, while appointing existing internal talent to lead a number of core functions.

Our internal survey shows sustained high levels of employee engagement (81 percent for FY 2017–18), while externally our Glassdoor rating of 4.3 puts us in a favourable position for attracting talent.

Proven business model

Our strategy has been to pursue the assumption that the internet will continue to drive alignment in the way trade is conducted and make geography less relevant. The result of this strategy has been the development of services with global application capable of disrupting the status quo. We’re significantly aware this is a very strong competitive differentiator.

Our strategic partnerships allow us access to relevant data, and our technology delivers the most value from them. We have a strong track record of sustained organic growth combined with an acquisition model that has allowed us to strengthen our capabilities and expand globally.

We have a dual approach of expanding our product portfolio and entering new markets.

Customer relevance

We support organisations across all major B2C sectors, helping them deliver a great experience for consumers while addressing compliance needs for regulators and mitigating the risk of fraud.

Just 10 years ago the data available on the characteristics of identity, location and behaviour was tiny. Now the data is available to enable organisations to make reliable decisions about aspects of an individual who they’ve never met before and who may live on the other side of the world. We give the world’s largest organisations this intelligence at any time.

We focus on what drives success in the eyes of our customers, engaging them in our innovation process and measuring advocacy as a test of the experience we deliver.

Our solutions

Aligned to how we help our customers are our core solutions:

  • ID Verification: remotely verify consumers’ identities covering more than 4.4 billion people, globally
  • ID Compliance & Fraud Solutions: to detect application fraud, monitor transactions and automate decision-making
  • ID Employ & Comply: background checks on employees to ensure compliance with regulations such as Right to Work
  • ID Trace & Investigate: to connect online and offline identities and investigate fraud
  • ID Location Intelligence (Loqate): quick and accurate validation of consumer identity and address details, improving the online registration and checkout experience
  • ID Engage: intelligence to generate insights on consumers from transactional data across channels