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At GBG we are proud to offer our customers a range of products and services that combine fast and accurate technology with comprehensive global datasets, all backed up by 30+ years of trusted expertise in identity verification, fraud management and location solutions.

The information on this page is provided to assist you in reviewing our standard T&Cs.

Our Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

Our T&Cs have been drafted to accurately reflect the complex nature of the products and services that we provide, clearly and transparently setting out what you can expect from us when signing up as one of our customers. Over the years we have taken on board Customer feedback and made changes and updates to our T&Cs to ensure that the provisions we include are up-to-date and in line with current legislation and are fair, balanced, and reasonable in the context of the products and services being provided.

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Most of our products and services contain data from our third-party data suppliers. Consequently, there are certain legal terms and licence provisions we need to put in place with our customers to compliantly deliver the quality service you expect. These licence provisions are set out in our T&Cs and on our Additional Terms page. Although these terms are non-negotiable, we have worked hard to simplify, streamline and minimise the terms we need to pass on in this way making it as easy as possible for customers to contract with us.

Raising queries & negotiation

We are confident that our T&Cs are fit for purpose and drafted in a way to suit most customers, so negotiation of terms is rarely required. In addition, as our products and services are generally “off-the-shelf” solutions, they are provided to all of our customers in the same way. With this in mind it is not often possible or appropriate to accommodate bespoke customer amendments to our T&Cs.

That being said, we’re keen to support our customers and so if you have comments or questions, then we are happy to discuss these with you. Arrange a call with your Customer Success Manager in the first instance and if applicable they can provide you with an Issues Log to record your comments and questions so they can be reviewed by GBG Legal and our other support teams.

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Sharing our T&Cs with you

When sharing T&Cs with you, we will generally provide them via DocuSign or in .pdf format. We do this for a number of reasons:

Have a conversation

Firstly, we tend to find it is much quicker and easier for both parties if a customer starts by explaining their concerns rather than amending drafting. By entering into a dialogue about principles, each party can better understand the other’s position before considering or preparing redline amendments or deletions. If amendments are required, then of course we would discuss wording with you at that stage. However, we find it much easier and quicker to do once both parties have agreed exactly what they want to achieve with the amendment first.

Save time

As highlighted above, we are generally limited as to the substance and number of amendments we can consider or make. Sending out an editable version of our T&Cs can lead to excessive or unreasonable amendments, often shared without any rationale or explanation for the change or deletion. This makes it very difficult for teams outside of Legal that need to be consulted, to review the amendments and generally results in unnecessary time and resource being spent whilst both sides try to agree a way forward and narrow the points of discussion.

Clearly documented

Finally, depending on the number and type of amendments that are agreed, it is often more effective for these changes to be documented on the Order Form or in a Special Terms document (that sit alongside the T&Cs), making it easy for both parties to clearly identify any amendments that have been agreed. Therefore, redlining an agreement isn’t necessarily a shortcut.

Should you have any queries about our T&Cs or the Legal process at GBG, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Where applicable they can also provide you with an Issues Log to record your comments and questions so they can be reviewed by GBG Legal and our other support teams.