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IDscan Enterprise is our multi-channel comprehensive Identity Document Onboarding Service, empowering your End Users to onboard their data subjects using Mobile Devices (via integration into Android and iOS Applications), PC Browsers, and through in store/on-premise hardware scanners and kiosks. Offering multiple SDK's (Software Development Kits) that enable your end users to get up and running quickly, utilising tried-and-tested User Interfaces and User Experience across hundreds of customers and millions of end users. We provide an industry-leading onboarding experience while ensuring the highest level of authentication, so that End Users can meet their compliance and fraud mitigation needs.

Product version
GBG v1.0

End User Use Case

An End User Use Case describes what your end users are using GBG’s Service for. For GBG to meet its controller obligations under Applicable Data Protection Law, GBG needs you to understand your end users use of the services so that the data presented to your End User, aligns to their use case.

If your End User’s use of the Service is not reflected in the list below, please visit the support page below or discuss this with your Customer Success Manager.

Identity fraud protection icon

ID Verification – Fraud

Your End User has a requirement to verify the identity of an individual for fraud prevention and detection purposes, such as, but not limited to, verification when purchasing or hire of goods and services, and protection of ID fraud.

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ID Verification – Regulatory

Your End User has a requirement to verify the identity of an individual for regulatory purposes, such as, but not limited to, Anti-Money Laundering and Age Verification.

Legal Documents

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