GBG Investigate is a comprehensive intelligent fraud & investigation solution that provides access to multiple individual, business and property data sources in one place. Investigate can support an organisation’s criminal, fraud, contact or in depth investigative needs. Investigate can provide valuable insights with a wide pool of data, and visual graph interface that displays easy to navigate visual links between people, places & businesses. GBG Investigate also has the capability to upload bespoke data files. GBG Investigate is available through an intuitive web based user interface.

Current Product Version: 1.0

Customer Use Cases

A Customer Use Case describes what you are using GBG’s Service for. In order for GBG to meet its controller obligations under Applicable Data Protection Law, GBG needs to understand your use of its services so that the data presented to you, aligns to your use.

If your use of the Service is not reflected in the list below, please visit the support page below or discuss this with your Customer Success Manager.

Law Enforcement

You have a requirement to use the service for the prevention and detection of crime, and / or to investigate and prosecute in relation to a criminal offence, as required by law or regulatory duties.


You have a requirement to use the service for fraud prevention, detection and investigation. For example, use of the service for investigative purposes where there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity or use of the service to investigate a fraud indicator flagged during a consumer sign up, onboarding process or as part of a transaction or after fraud has occurred.

Debt Collection or Recovery

You have a requirement to use the service to help you locate and contact a debtor in relation to the repayment of debt, or for the tracing of a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated consumer-credit or consumer-hire debt or non-FCA regulated consumer debt.

Asset Reunification

You have a requirement to use the service to locate an individual, or the relative or associate of a deceased individual for the purposes of asset reunification.  This may be required by law or regulatory obligations.


You have a requirement to use the service to verify information and/or contact an individual or business for the purpose of complying with your obligations when publishing a story in the public interest. Such use must be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and you must be confident you can evidence compliance in relation to your exemptions under data protection law.

Evidence Gatherers

You have a requirement to use the service to understand more about an individual in order to meet regulatory obligations or to protect and / or support them. This may include enhanced due diligence for identity verification to reach people in relation to medical matters such as organ donation or to get up to date contact details for the performance of a contract.


You have a requirement to use the service to assess an individual’s affordability to protect and / or support them, and to allow you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Utilities Occupier Unknown

You have a requirement to identify who is responsible for Utilities services provided to a property for the purposes of contract and payment for those ongoing services, thus ensuring the individual continues to receive these vital services. It is your obligation to ensure the correct individual is identified and any errors are corrected promptly.

Legal Documents

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