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Frequently Asked Questions

You are about to sign a GBG document electronically using Docusign, but we know you may still have questions about the process. Our most commonly asked questions are here but you can also contact our support team, if yours isn’t here. We’re happy to help.


No. All you need to be able to sign a contract is an email address and internet access.

It’s not necessary to do so. However, if signing on a mobile device you can scrawl on the screen, but otherwise your signature will default to a stylised text version of your name, and facilitate a simple ‘click’ to affix your signature. Should you decide to setup a DocuSign signing account (which is free of charge) you may decide to add your actual signature but GBG accepts the text version signature through DocuSign. DocuSign provides the proof that you signed the document regardless of the style of your signature.

Think of the email you receive from DocuSign as an envelope. When you open the envelope it takes you to your web browser to view the document it contains. You can review this document as if it were a pdf, print it off etc. Once you take the action DocuSign prompts you to take (generally either ‘sign’ or ‘assign another person to sign’) DocuSign will automatically forward the envelope on to the next person in the signature process selected for your envelope. Once signed by all parties you will automatically receive a copy of the completed agreement in the form of a pdf.

DocuSign’s terms and conditions warrant that it is compliant with English law on the subject and that evidence of a signature(s) is admissible in court. DocuSign’s General Counsel has said that he is not aware of Electronic Signature evidence gathered through DocuSign ever having been challenged in court. If in doubt, please raise the issue with your own legal advisers.

Of course. That’s an option that’s built into the electronic signature system. You can print, sign and return it to us by email if you’d prefer.

No problem! You’ll be able to delegate the signing authority to another party in DocuSign. Follow the simple on-screen prompts to re-assign it to a new signatory. 

Once the document has been countersigned (if that’s required) you will automatically receive an email from GBG through DocuSign with a PDF version of your signed contract.

We recommend the DocuSign support page as it provides in depth detail on many queries. However, don’t forget you can also contact your GBG Account Manager for additional support.

DocuSign provides more information in their own FAQ section which you may also find useful.