LAND REGISTRY DATA | ID NUMBER 100416, & 100418 - 100419

  • Supplier hosts the Supplier Data
  • Supplier is a Sub-processor of Client Information
  • Client Information includes Personal Data
  • The Sub-processor is based in the UK
  • The Sub-processor is located within the EEA

The Supplier Data that GBG uses for Land Registry Data is provided by GBG’s Data Supplier, HM Land Registry (“Land Registry”). GBG is obliged under the terms of its agreement with Land Registry to ensure that all End Users agree to comply with the following provisions. These terms apply to all Land Registry Data checks. Individual Land Registry Data checks can be identified by the ID number on the End User’s Order Form.

1.1. In these Additional Terms, the following definitions shall apply, in addition to the definitions set out in the General Terms:
“Permitted Purpose” means the purpose for which the Service as a whole may be used, as set out in the General Terms.
“Register” means the official land register held at Land Registry, which contains a record of the legal ownership of land or property.
“Supplier Data” means the information provided which confirms that the Land Registry records match the owner details supplied by the End User, in which case Land Registry will provide the title number of the property. Where addresses are not matched the End User will be informed. For the avoidance of doubt, Land Registry will not supply any new personal information (such as the name of the owner) where this has not been provided by the End User.

2.1 The Supplier Data must not be used for any reason outside of the Permitted Purpose.
2.2 The Supplier Data must not be used for the purpose of direct marketing, advertising or promoting a particular product or service or in a way which could imply endorsement by Land Registry or any government department, or to represent to the public that the End User has an arrangement or official partnership with Land Registry in relation to Supplier Data which could affect the integrity of the register kept by Land Registry or the Land Registry’s reputation of any of its existing services and any existing contractual commitment or generally in a manner which is likely to mislead others.
2.3 The End User may use Land Registry’s name as the source verifying ownership data and this can be displayed to your customers against each request provided that the wording of such notification/display is agreed with the Land Registry in writing.
2.4 Land Registry does not warrant:
(a) where data is reported as “not matched” that the person recorded by the End User is not the legal owner as at the data of the search (this is because the Register on which the analysis is based are only updated when the solicitor acting for a property purchaser applies to register the new owner. Name, spelling and address variations may also be reported as “not matched”)
(b) that all relevant information in which an End User is interested will be reported;
(c) how many properties can be matched;
(d) to check pending applications which have not been completed against the Register or for official searches lodged to protect future applications for registration;
(e) that the information will be fit for the End User’s particular purpose; or
(f) the completeness or accuracy of the information or that the information or the nature of it is free from errors.
2.5 Land Registry reserves the right to upgrade or change the delivery of the Supplier Data and reserves the right to do so.
2.6 The End User will not present out-of-date information as being current or in a manner that might mislead, or use the Supplier Data in a way that suggests any official status or that Land Registry endorses the End User or the End User’s use.
2.7 The End User will not attempt to rectify or permit any person (not authorised) to rectify any fault or inaccuracy in the information supplied, or tamper with or make or attempt to make any deletions, additions, or alterations to any of the information.
2.8 Land Registry reserves the right to inspect the End User’s records and to audit them to ensure the End User is compliant with clause 2.1.
2.9 The End User will ensure that it will not use the Supplier Data in a way which is inconsistent with English or European Union Law including without restriction the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act 1998 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

3.1 The Supplier Data used to provide you with this element of the Service is hosted by the Data Supplier. In order to perform the Services, Land Registry shall act as Sub-processor of your Client Information (including any Personal Data supplied) for the sole purpose of delivering this element of the Service. The End User authorises GBG to appoint Land Registry as Sub-Processor for the purposes specified in this clause 3.1.
3.2 Land Registry is based in the United Kingdom which is located within the EEA. On this basis, Personal Data is not transferred outside of the EEA in order to provide End Users with access to this element of the Service.

4.1 All proprietary rights in the Supplier Data are subject to Crown copyright and protection. The End User does not have the right to use or reproduce the registered trademarks and logos of Land Registry without Land Registry’s prior written permission. Any loss of revenue or costs (including legal costs) attributable to such infringement will be payable by the End User.

5.1 Notwithstanding the termination provisions between GBG and the End User in the General Terms, under the terms of GBG’s agreement with Land Registry, the supply of the Supplier Data may be terminated on 3 months’ notice.