DECEASED DATA | ID NUMBER 100605-100606 & 101032

  • GBG hosts the Supplier Data
  • No Sub-processors used

The Supplier Data that GBG uses to provide Deceased Data is supplied by GBG’s Data Supplier. GBG is obliged under the terms of its agreement with the Data Supplier to ensure that all End Users agree to comply with the following provisions. These terms apply to all Deceased Data checks. Individual Deceased Data checks are identified by an ID Number on the  Order Form.

1.1. In these Additional Terms, the following definitions shall apply, in addition to the definitions set out in the General Terms:
“Flag” means any data which will enable GBG to permanently suppress any Names from any Marketing List.
“Flagged Marketing List” means any new Marketing List appended with Flags, generated as a consequence of GBG’s use of the Mortascreen File in conjunction with the original Marketing List and the Purpose.
“Marketing List” means any marketing list comprising the names and addresses of individuals that the End User intends to direct market by any method of communication
“Monthly Update” means any updates to the Mortascreen File.
“Names” means the name(s) and address (es) of any deceased individual(s).
“Mortascreen File” means an electronic database together with any Monthly Updates comprising Names and other associated information, including but not limited to dates of death (if such information is available to GBG’s data partner); The Mortascreen File is structured so as to enable GBG to generate any Flagged Marketing List or Suppressed Marketing List only for its own customers business purposes.
“Suppressed Marketing List” means any new Marketing List, incorporating any Temporary Suppression, generated as a consequence of GBG’s use of the Mortascreen File in conjunction with the original Marketing List and for the Purpose.
“Temporary Suppression” means the temporary “once only‟ removal of any names and addresses of deceased persons from any Marketing List.
“Permitted Purpose” means direct mail suppression.

2.1. The End User is permitted to use the Marketing List only for direct mail suppression and cannot be used for any other purpose such as credit screening, fraud prevention or customer verification;
2.2. Save as expressly provided, the End User shall not be entitled to use the Mortascreen File to intentionally and knowingly direct market any household which has suffered a bereavement.

3.1. GBG does not use Sub-processors to provide you with this element of the Service as the Supplier Data is hosted by GBG.