Additional Terms

The Additional Terms set out on this website are the licence terms which relate to the use of third party data and/or technology incorporated into GBG products and services.

The Additional Terms have been drafted to include additional information about GBG’s Suppliers, including where the Supplier is located and what terms apply to the use of the Supplier Data and any necessary information relating to the transfer of personal data to that Supplier.

A description of the GBG products and services you take will be included on your Order Form, the associated Product Page, or via the portal through which you have purchased GBG services. Additional Terms can be viewed via the search function, drop down list or can be exported as a PDF document.

For the purpose of these Additional Terms, “End User” shall mean a Customer who purchases GBG products or services directly from GBG. Except where expressly prohibited within the Additional Terms, End User shall also mean any channel partner or reseller that is authorised by GBG to provide GBG’s products or services to a third party and any third party who purchases GBG products or services from an authorised channel partner or reseller, receives data or otherwise benefits from the GBG products or services.