Our team members are central to the long-term success of GBG and we look to attract and retain the best and most engaged people.

We prioritise effective employee engagement as well as investing in the development of our team members, and we aim to cultivate a strong, committed, and innovative culture within a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Equality & Diversity

We recognise the significant benefits of a diverse workforce. We believe that, by focusing on diversity, GBG can be a more effective, successful and profitable company; a company our team members continue to consider a great place to work. By broadening the diversity of our team, we are able to access a greater range of talent. We aim to continue to focus on identifying candidates who can support our ambition to improve the overall diversity of the GBG team.

We continue to look at ways of broadening diversity and have specific initiatives to further this goal. These include our ‘be/yourself’ programme, which aims to support and promote an inclusive and diverse culture at GBG and encourage individuals to be their authentic selves at work. It supports numerous activities in our focus areas of nationality, race, religion and location, sexual identities (inclusive of LGBTQ+ definitions and gender fluidity), experience and age.

We publish an annual Gender Pay Gap Report, in line with the UK Government requirement. Read our UK Gender Pay Gap Report here.

Training & Development

We prioritise learning experiences to maintain compliance, succeed in building core skills that increase our team members’ employability and provide access to recognised qualifications, professional development opportunities and certifications. 

Our internal training platform ‘be/developed’ ensures that everyone has access to a large variety of learning opportunities relevant to their role, ranging from soft and digital skills development, to management leadership and information and security compliance. 

At GBG, we are focusing on broadening our learning offering. We update training content on a quarterly basis to keep pace with new and emerging areas to support the ongoing professional development of our team members.

Health & Safety and Well-being

Our first priority is to keep our people safe. We are committed to effectively managing health and safety and to protecting our team members’ wellbeing. Our Health and Safety Policy details key standards, systems and procedures and we train all team members, especially those with specific duties and responsibilities (such as fire wardens and first aiders). We share best practice and guidance updates around health and safety issues with team members on a regular basis.

We also provide an Employee Assistance Programme (‘EAP’) for all team members, irrespective of location. The EAP grants team members access to confidential help with issues such as health, financial support, family matters or other problems which may lead to worry and anxiety.


We are continually considering ways of maximising positive societal contributions of both our own business and that of the companies we work with. We believe it is our ability to establish trust between businesses and their customers that places us at the heart of the global digital economy. Our customers need innovative digital solutions to grow, reduce online fraud and meet increasingly stringent compliance regulations. GBG offers practical solutions and tools to enable organisations to engender trust with their customers, help them to mitigate ethical risk within their own business and keep principled practices at the heart of their business models.

Communications & Engagement

We believe in the importance of successful internal communications and strongly feel that all our team members should have a voice within the Group. By focusing on and listening to employee feedback, facilitated by twice yearly employee engagement surveys, we aim to be able to respond to any issues which might impact engagement and/or employee satisfaction before any problems emerge and have found this to be a very successful programme to date. We use an intranet platform called ‘be/connected’ which is the central hub for Group and customer news, as well as for internal social networking.

Modern Slavery Statement

At GBG, we are committed to improving our practices to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our business or supply chain. We believe the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain is low, however, we are not complacent and will continue to focus on improving our procedures and policies to ensure that there is no modern slavery in GBG’s supply chain. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers, contractors and business partners.


Read our Modern Slavery Statement

Response to Covid-19

Our primary focus during the Covid-19 pandemic has been on the health and well-being of our team, who look after our customers who in turn support our business. At an early stage during the pandemic we made a range of decisions to protect our people and to look after our customers and other stakeholders in order to secure the long-term prospects and value of the business. GBG has been quick to adapt to the changing working environment with our team members working effectively remotely and with a strong focus on employee engagement. Managers have been encouraged to keep in regular touch with their teams by video and conference calls, together with using our Group intranet to provide support information and to share experiences between the regions. Read more about our response here.

Read more about our social commitments here.

Environmental, Social and Governance Statement

As part of GBG’s ESG reporting, the following statement has been extracted from GBG’s 2021 Annual Report & Accounts.