Ensuring that our team has the support and resources they need to grow their skills, build diverse teams and protect the environment and society.

To find out more about our contribution to the SDGs, ESG targets and wider ESG activities, view our FY24 ESG Impact Report.

FY24 highlights

Over 1,120 team members

Across 17 countries

27.3% of our Executive Team identify as female

Over 25% of our Executive Leadership Team identify as female

Be yourself

We believe it is important to promote an inclusive and diverse culture, representative of the markets and societies we serve around the world. We know that a diverse workforce encourages innovation and widens our perspective, leading to a more successful, happier team and improved business outcomes. Through our be/yourself programme we commit to continuously improving our culture of inclusion and encouraging diversity within our organisation.

Our company is made up of people who care deeply about what we do, get stuff done and build trust with our customers and other team members. We stand out by:

  • Making the world a safer place
  • Trusting each other and win together
  • Being local experts in a global business
  • Wanting you to be yourself
  • Growing when you grow

You can read more about Life@GBG here.

Graphic showing our team members at GBG

Overview of our ESG activities

To find out more about the Everyone pillar of our ESG Strategy, download our FY24 ESG Impact Report.