We are proud of our global team and encourage team members to be their true, authentic selves because we like people just the way they are.

We know it’s in the best interests of our business to promote an inclusive and diverse culture, representative of the markets and societies we serve around the world. We believe that a diverse workforce encourages innovation and widens our perspective, leading to a more successful, happier team and improved business outcomes.

Belonging, inclusion and diversity

New team members can expect a warm welcome, a supportive environment and to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their background or identity. Through our be/yourself programme we commit to continuously improving our culture of inclusion and encouraging diversity within our organisation, because we know we can always do more to build the best and most engaged team in our industry.

An inclusive, diverse culture does not happen by accident, it’s created through conscious and deliberate action, and it evolves based on the choices that we make as a team.

Chris Clark, CEO

Our commitment to the team

As a team, we are making tangible commitments to deliver the rich mix of cultures, lifestyles and experiences that we believe will achieve better results for our business. We’re setting ambitious targets to help us improve representation and increase access for underrepresented groups.

  • Increase participation in all areas of our voluntary diversity data collection, especially ethnicity, publishing a global team ethnicity report by 2023.
  • Increase gender diversity, exceeding 40% female representation across our global workforce and at a senior team level by 2026.

Meet our Champions

We have built a global network of be/yourself champions, team members who volunteer their support and lend their passion to our programme around the world. Together, our champions create networking opportunities and manage events, listen to and support others, and help to keep our be/yourself belief and commitment top of mind.

Marina Bosley

Head of Workplace Experience | UK | GBG

As a be/yourself Champion, I feel empowered to make a difference to others by modelling inclusive behaviours and advocating for a more equal working environment.

Calvin Chan

Technical Analyst | Malaysia | GBG

As Champion, I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about one another, and are constantly learning how we can make our teams stronger for everyone no matter how we identify.

Making a difference


We mean it. Our policies and practices are designed to deliver on what we believe as a business to be right and to support all our team members in being their best and most authentic selves.


We work closely with others who are also committed to making a difference, including Stonewall, the Tech Talent Charter, Women in Tech Forum and Women in Identity to inform our approach to inclusion and diversity.


We build and support diverse teams through data analysis, fair and equitable processes and development programmes designed to provide equal access to opportunities for all.

To read more about our approach to inclusion and diversity, read the ESG Statement from our FY23 Annual Report and Accounts.