Our employee experience brand, be@GBG, is derived from our people vision and sits in the centre of everything we do. We want to ensure that our team members enjoy access to the best ways to interact with the business, communicate and collaborate with each other, manage their personal data, share knowledge, develop new skills and progress their careers at GBG.


be/hired is our focus on attracting and hiring the very best talent in the industry. We always aim high, our aspirations drive everything that we do and our new team members are crucial to achieving them. Our goal is to provide a best in class recruitment experience for all candidates and team managers alike.


be/developed describes our focus on development ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their location has access to learning opportunities relevant to their role. We believe it’s one of the things that helps make our people the best and most engaged.


We want to make sure the mundane but very important admin tasks are made easier for our team members and managers. be/organised is the central HR system that allows you to view and update your personal information such as address, bank details, emergency contacts and also allows you to manage your absences including sickness and holidays.


be/rewarded is our philosophy of fairly rewarding our team members for the contribution they make. With the aim of creating flexibility and personalisation of your reward packages and benefit choices.


be/connected is our internal communications philosophy to ensure all team members feel connected with each other wherever in the world they are based, helping us all to communicate and collaborate more effectively. As part of this, our global intranet is an indispensable tool for us to share information, manage knowledge and disseminate news; improving our internal communications globally and creating greater connectivity no matter which jurisdiction you are based in.


“Really happy to work for a growing, global tech company with an awesome story to tell. Super people, strong creativity and fantastic career development and growth!”

Amanda Hill, Demand Generation Manager, USA


“GBG is a truly dynamic business that never stands still. I'm proud of the end to end value we provide customers through education, collaboration and on-going two-way communication”

Darnell Walker, Sales Director, UK


“I work with GBG team members around the world, from senior executives to new starters, who are all passionate about inclusion and diversity. Together we develop global and local initiatives and events to promote the idea of being yourself at GBG and developing our culture of inclusion.”

Almarni Khan, Inclusion and Diversity Programme Manager, UK


“A great place to work and develop professionally, GBG fully supported my industry recognised CIPD qualification and offers the potential to develop HR skills on a global scale.”

Nikki Brew, Business Partner, UK


“I love being outdoors, and like many I don’t like exercising on cold dark nights. Having the ability to take time away from my work to go running during the day helps me keep fit. ”

Joseph Green, Development Manager, UK


“GBG have been superb in supporting and encouraging my ongoing development in both the short and long term in the 2 years since I joined”

Louis Thomas, Accounts Assistant, UK

A few words from our Chief People Officer James Miller

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