What we do

Building trust in a digital world

Our competitive strength is that we can provide trust at every step of the customer journey. From onboarding to in-life, our global platform of digital location, identity and fraud and compliance solutions helps businesses build trust at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our world-class data and proprietary technology welcome more good customers, streamline compliance, and prevent fraud.

Differentiating through world-class data, technology and trust experts

Business benefits

We work with businesses worldwide to build customer relationships based on trust.


  • Enhances customer experience, reducing friction with real-time verification

  • Improves customer onboarding speed, verifying more genuine customers

  • Streamlines KYC and AML compliance processes

    Prevents fraud at application and origination


  • Monitors and analyses ‘normal’ transaction behaviour continuously

  • Detects and quantifies risk of suspicious activity with fraud intelligence

  • Builds, verifies, monitors and re-uses digital identities with AI and machine learning

  • Visualising links between people, places and businesses for investigation

We serve our markets across three core solutions

As digital identity becomes central to building and maintaining trusted customer relationships, the ability to consistently prove and reauthenticate identity seamlessly will become more important as our customers respond to increasingly complex threats. In this space, business needs and our diversified offering across three core solution areas begin to converge, presenting a clear structural growth opportunity for GBG.

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