We have a vision to have the best and most engaged team members in the industry. We aim to cultivate a strong, committed and innovative culture within a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We know that our team are the fundamental force behind delivering our strategy. That is why they remain our principal priority. A resilient and engaged team with access to training, benefits and progression will deliver exception results.
Natalie Gammon, Chair of the ESG Committee
Natalie Gammon

FY22 highlights

Over 1,200 team members

Across 17 countries

37% of our team identify as female

20% of our Executive Leadership Team identify as female

Our focus areas

One of our top priorities is to attract and retain a diverse workforce of great people. As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to providing fair opportunities for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, parent status or disability.

To support this goal, we have a number of programmes and policies in place, such as Culture+, which enables a more equitable approach to hiring, and our Work When and Where You Want Policy, which gives our team members choice and supports a balance between work and home life.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

We are delighted that 95% of our team ‘would recommend GBG as a great place to work’. We know this because every six months, we invite our team members to respond to a series of questions referring to workplace satisfaction, management quality and overall engagement.

We also know that as our team continues to expand globally, effective internal communications have never been more vital. We use our intranet platform called ‘be/connected’ as a central hub for GBG news and have a variety of newsletters and events that we use to communicate with and engage our team.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

Inclusion, diversity and equality are fundamental to our business success. Our be/yourself programme aims to support and promote an inclusive and diverse culture at GBG and encourage individuals to be their authentic selves at work.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

We are continually considering ways of maximising positive societal contributions of both our own business and that of the companies we work with. We believe it is our ability to establish trust between businesses and their customers that places us at the heart of the global digital economy. Our customers need innovative digital solutions to grow, reduce online fraud and meet increasingly stringent compliance regulations.

GBG offers practical solutions and tools to enable organisations to engender trust with their customers, help them to mitigate ethical risk within their own business and keep principled practices at the heart of their business models.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

We want everyone in our team to have access to opportunities to learn, develop their skills and grow their careers and progress. Through our training platform, be/developed, we offer a broad range of learning opportunities, which are updated regularly. The platform is available to all GBG team members, including part-time and contractors, who are also required to complete our mandated training courses.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

We value the wellbeing of our team members above all else.

We release resources and run events and training, with the support of our wellbeing consultant, to give tools and techniques to our team members on staying mentally and physically fit.

All team members globally have access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help get them the support they need. EAP grants team members access to confidential help with issues such as health, financial support, family matters or other problems which may lead to worry or anxiety.

Find out more in our FY22 Annual Report.

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