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Technology for growth

On 13 December 2018, GBG held a special event that introduced Loqate and demonstrated the added value and growth achieved by our customers using the unique digital solutions provided.

Watch the complete event from the day.

Event highlights

Specific event sessions including customer success stories, Q&A sessions and the future of our solutions:


Event highlights from the day

View this roundup to get a flavour of the first of GBG’s exciting investor, analyst and customer events.


Setting the scene: opening remarks

Chris Clark, CEO, introduces the first of 3 planned events, focused here on the strategic growth engine of location intelligence.


Capital Markets Event - Location Intelligence - Differentiators for growth.

David Green, MD, discusses Loqate’s customer driven solutions and differentiators for growth.


Customer story –

Tyler Brock and Jules Marshall discuss how GBG’s solution added significant value to’s business.


Loqate’s design ethos

Mike Cook, CIO, shares how GBG is pushing the boundaries of technology and design as a true enabler for Global


Partner story - Oracle

Justin Duling is joined by Alicia Wu from Oracle, bringing to life this inspiring template for partnership success.


The future of Loqate

Gus Tomlinson and Matthew Furneaux discuss the evolution of location to meet customer demands.


Capital Markets Event - Location Intelligence (2018) - Closing comments and Q&A

Dave Wilson, CFO, recaps the topics covered and facilitates an open Q&A session across all attendees.