We are conscious of our duty to use resources responsibly and to minimise any environmental impacts of our business activities.

This is not only the right thing to do but has also been identified as an issue that our employees care about. As an office-based operator using leased facilities, our environmental impact is relatively low compared with other sectors. However, we believe that our ability to enable our customers to make environmentally-advantageous improvements to their services arguably represents our capacity to make the most impact on a global scale.

We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and have clear objectives to reduce energy consumption and waste production within our office environments. In the UK, an assessment (carried out by an external consultant) was submitted by the Company to the Environment Agency under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (‘ESOS’), which confirmed that GBG is compliant with the standard in the UK, with only four minor recommendations (all of which have been addressed).

Read more about our environmental responsibility here.

Corporate Responsibility Statement

As part of GBG’s Corporate Responsibility (ESG) reporting, the following statement has been extracted from GBG’s 2020 Annual Report & Accounts.