We recognise our duty to use resources responsibly and to minimise any environmental impacts of our business activities. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our society and we are aware of the increasing responsibility of businesses to tackle some of the world's most urgent environmental issues.

Given the nature of our operations, as an office-based operator using leased facilities, our environmental impact is relatively low compared with other sectors. Nonetheless, we are committed to reducing energy consumption and waste production within our office environments wherever possible and we have a number of strategies in place to achieve this.

This year, in the UK, we have increased the accuracy of our emissions data through compliance with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations. We are publishing energy usage and emissions data for our business activities in the UK (involving the combustion of gas, fuels and the purchase of electricity) and we intend this year to form the base year to enable us to set realistic targets for future comparison. This information can be found in the Director’s Report. Last year we calculated direct emissions, from combustion of fuel (diesel and petrol) and operations of facilities, was 494 tonnes of CO2 (2,006,498 KWH). Alongside our mandatory reporting requirements we have built a CO2 dashboard, for use globally and we are making good progress in being able to measure our carbon footprint. This will help us investigate ways of reducing and offsetting our emissions at all our locations. This dashboard includes emissions from Cloud providers as well.

Read more about our environmental responsibility here.

Environmental, Social and Governance Statement

As part of GBG’s ESG reporting, the following statement has been extracted from GBG’s 2021 Annual Report & Accounts.