Detect transaction fraud

Monitor customer behaviour

Stay alert to transaction fraud

People behave in patterns – even fraudsters! Keep alert to how they interact with your business so you know when there's potential for a high value sale – or an even larger fraud.

$19.25 m

losses to South Africa’s Standard Bank in 3 hours from an ATM card scam in Japan

31.8 m

US citizens fell victim to card fraud in 2014

$35 bn

predicted losses to card fraud worldwide by 2020

We have specific industry solutions that run automated checks behind the scenes on every transaction, and leverage artificial intelligence capabilities for predictive analysis on future transactions. When a new risk is detected, an instant alert is raised – so you can take immediate action. Cross-reference all aspects of identity including country of origin, payment method, bank account details, names and aliases, device and IP addresses.

GBG products to help...

GBG Predator

Fight fraud and money laundering – and win. GBG Predator constantly monitors your customers' transactions to stay alert to behaviour consistent with new trends in fraud or financial crime.

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