Employee screening

Reduce administration costs, time and resource

Employee screening

Employees are at the heart of every business. But understanding the identity of employees can be a time consuming and resource intensive challenge. Especially when you're operating across territories and national borders.


of businesses experience employee fraud


per year estimated re-recruitment cost due to fraudulent applications


of revenue is lost each year to employee fraud for a typical organisation

Simplify your recruitment process using GBG’s identity data intelligence. It’s designed to help you with verification of your existing workers and new recruits wherever you, or they, are in the world.

And if you're looking to recruit UK citizens to work abroad, we can help you further with criminal record, driving licence and adverse financial checks. Reduce administration costs, time and resource and significantly bring down the cost of keeping everyone safe.

We can help you with

Automating compliance

Check your staff regularly to help combat financial crime and terrorism, people trafficking or illegal immigration. Be absolutely confident that people are who they say they are – and be able to prove it.

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Criminality searches

Check if any of your employees have a current criminal record across a range of countries. We'll check for you against official government data sources, trial court records and global media searches for added confidence.

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Anti money laundering

We’ll help you check staff on a regular basis to meet regulatory obligations - at whatever level is required by your business in the jurisdictions in which you operate. AML reference data available for over 60% of the world’s population.

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Electronic identity checks

We can verify the identities of over 4.4 billion citizens, 56% of the world’s population. Which means we can help you confirm the identity of your new recruits and existing employees - wherever they're located.

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Why should my business make checks?

Reduce fraud

Prevent the recruitment of known fraudsters or people who may not be who they claim to be.

Stay compliant

Meet your AML and CTF obligations consistently with global PEPs and Sanctions checks.

Eliminate fake documents

Authenticate thousands of identity documents including passports and driving licences.

Reduce risk and human error

Mitigate the risk - and cost - of having your HR team conduct manual checks.

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