Global geocoding

Pinpointing the world’s locations

Global geocoding

A geocode transforms a description of a physical place or asset into a precise data stamp that marks its location on the earth. Geocodes underpin our identity data intelligence solutions, helping us map the world’s locations across 240 countries and territories. Which means you can calculate accurately the distance between two geographical points – and bring together the specific longitude and latitude co-ordinates to identify the specific location required.

We can help you

Plan the optimal route for your drivers

Ensure you deliver to your customers’ exact expectations.

Minimise delivery errors

Reduce the costs associated with delivery fraud and bad data.

Improve your customers online experience

Minimize the amount of data they have to key in whilst still making the right decision.

Locate your key customers and prospects

Plan how best to reach them for the maximum impact and engagement.

GBG products to help...

GBG Matchcode360

Get a 360° view of your customers today. Collect basic information, then map it to social profiles and their physical location. 

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