Customer data insights

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Customer data insights

The customer is in control of a retail relationship. Online, they have easy, instant access to near perfect information on products and what they cost. So why should they choose to buy from you?

Because you offer an excellent experience.


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We can help you streamline your onboarding process, reducing drop outs and cart abandonment. Our systems allow you to trigger communications based on an individual customer's behaviour - so you can communicate with them, however they prefer. They’ll get a smooth, efficient and personalised service. You’ll get happy customers and repeat business.

We can help you with

Instant customer validation

Instantly validate the details your customers have provided - including address, email address and telephone number.

Customer insights

Find out how to use your registration process as a chance to learn much more about your customers.

Data accuracy

Ensure the data you are using is always up-to-date. And make the most of existing information, building an all-round picture of your customers.

Checkout optimisation

68% of online shoppers abandon the process. Create a smooth user journey before and during checkout to optimise shopper conversion rates.

GBG products to help...


Formerly GBG Matchcode360. Get your customers on board reliably and with precision, drawing on quality data from over 245 countries and territories through the ultimate in type-ahead UX – taking basic information we can enhance it with business information, utilities supplier – and more.

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GBG Datacare

To maintain relationships with your customers, having accurate data is crucial. GBG Datacare helps you to better understand and communicate with your customers.

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