What we do

Helping verify identities and locations globally

We offer a series of solutions that help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of their customers.

Our products are built on an unparalleled breadth of data obtained from over 200 global partners. With our innovative technology, we lead the world in location intelligence, detect fraud, and can verify the identity of over 4.4 billion people globally.

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Verify the age and identity of approximately 60% of the world’s population


Accurately capture location data for over 245 countries and territories – in their local language


Over 4000 common identity documents scanned and verified instantly


Anti-money laundering checks for 58 of the world’s largest economies

Location intelligence

Address verification powered by the most accurate global location data. Deliver exceptional experiences to every customer, wherever they are.

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Fraud & compliance management

Customer-centric, layered defence against modern day financial crimes to help you stem losses in digital and offline channels.

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Identity verification

Identity verification without compromise. Identify and onboard good customers, stop fraudsters in their tracks and avoid regulatory fines.

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