Whether your organisation serves businesses, consumers or the general public, you need to look after their interests, safeguard your own and show the world how thorough you’ve been.

Here’s how GBG can help – no matter which market you serve:


Public sector

If you work in the public sector, you’ll know all about the pressure to save money. The government’s Digital by Default policy aims to tackle this by introducing online services. But, how do you encourage people to use them? First off, they need to be confident their personal information is safe. At GBG, we can help you:

  • Make better decisions about collecting and spending taxpayers’ money
  • Ensure your citizens’ personal information is secure
  • Avoid fraud and error by comparing people’s details with accurate, up-to-date records
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Gaming sector

We know gaming’s a complicated and competitive business. You need to comply with strict regulations, tackle fraud and attract customers. What’s the answer? For 80% of the Power 50, it’s our fraud management and verification services. Find out how they can help you:

  • Comply with anti-money-laundering, gambling and social-responsibility regulations
  • Tell the difference between VIP players, problem gamblers, fraudsters and regular customers
  • Get the insight to improve campaigns, increase revenue and maximise player lifetime value
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Insurance sector

The Association of British Insurers puts the cost of fraud in general insurance at around £2.1 billion. If you work in insurance, you’ll know that there’s more than just fraud to contend with. Competition is fierce. So, you need intelligent marketing and smooth processes to attract and retain customers. With our identity data solutions, we can help you:

  • Counteract fraud by identifying false details or unusual patterns of claims
  • Increase revenue by ensuring all policy applications result in successful sales
  • Generate more competitive quotes and enhance promotions and cross selling
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Retail sector

Everyone in retail knows the market is growing – especially online. Retailers need to ride this wave, but not at the expense of their margins. That means finding ways not just to attract and retain customers but to improve profitability by reducing the burdens of error, waste, fraud, dishonesty and theft with processes you integrate into your e-commerce model. We can help you:

  • Verify customer identity from the start – and keep your database accurate and up to date
  • Profile customers accurately so you can tailor your responses to them and increase their value
  • Reduce losses by giving you the insights you need to tackle fraud and theft and improve your administrative processes
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Financial services sector

How do you cope with the challenges of compliance, risk and corporate governance? With difficulty, unless you’ve got the data of your customers and employees under control. Everything from combatting fraud to marketing becomes easier with our identity management products. We can help you:

  • Comply with anti-money laundering regulations and manage fraud and KYC processes
  • Gain greater insight into your customers and improve your marketing
  • Employ the right people by verifying their identities and screening them

Transport sector

In transport, your drivers are the face of your business. You’re responsible for making sure the people you put on the road are allowed, and fit, to be there. On top of that, you might be looking to reduce fraudulent goods-transit claims and improve customer service. How do you tackle these very different problems? With our identity solutions, you can:

  • Verify driving licences and get full driver reports from the DVLA
  • Reduce exposure to fraudulent goods claims and investigate fraud more effectively
  • Improve, and measure, the experience you give customers

Utilities sector

If you’re an energy provider you’ll know how important it is to deliver great service in what is a highly competitive market. You’ll also know how big a problem bad debt can be. Customers can move, leaving unpaid bills behind them. Or they can switch suppliers, and be an unquantified risk to you as their new provider. At GBG, we can help you:

  • Enrich your database from multiple data sources to help you better understand and respond to customer needs
  • Use customer knowledge to develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Trace debtors and decide on the most effective collections approach

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