Fraud investigation

Investigate 50% more fraud without increasing resource

Trace & investigate fraudsters

In an ideal world, you'd know exactly who - and where - your customers are. Making it easy to identify the genuine customers from the fake ones.

But keeping up to speed with contact details, location and behaviour patterns in an increasingly dynamic, digital world is a challenge - especially for fraud teams who have traditionally relied on manual investigation.

Investigators have to act quickly to prevent further attacks to their business - or their customers. A fraudster can wreak financial havoc on an individual or corporation in minutes, costing millions of dollars in the process.


less time needed if retail fraud investigations are automated


social media posts available to support fraud investigation


of organisations globally have been victims of identity-related fraud

We can help you

Identify identity-related fraud

Is there a risk that the fraudster has stolen someone else’s identity - or are they in fact using their own name and address?

Detect suspicious behaviour online

Compare online data with what you know already for much richer insights into whether or not the customer is behaving as you expect.

It’s not efficient to simply staff up when things get busy. Automated screening will reduce the number of exceptions you have to interrogate. And access to a broader range of identity related data will speed up investigations by as much as 50%.

Our award winning trace and investigate solution, GBG Connexus, uses fully consented data and can help you pinpoint exactly where in the world your customer is located, even if they haven’t been entirely honest!

GBG products to help...

GBG Connexus

Trace, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals quickly and easily using the UK's widest range of data sources

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OSINT for GBG Connexus

Get better insights into individuals' behaviour using global data from more than 10 social media sources, providing over 85 million social posts every day that you can search by location, keyword or user handle.

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