Credit risk management

A quick and simple approach to managing credit risk

Managing credit risk

If your business runs credit application checks, you’ll know just how important it is to find out if your customers actually have the means to pay you. But can you run quick and easy credit checks as part of your onboarding process? Are you easily able to check new applications against blacklists?

If the answer is no, we can help.

We can help you reduce credit loss by identifying high risk applications - and our fully automated system allows you to set the rules based on the exact needs of your business. You remove subjectivity and manual checks, making decisions about new customers based on the very latest view of their financial and purchasing history.

It’s quick, efficient and accurate. Your credit checks are in safe hands.

We can help you

Screen new customers instantly

Check your customers details against multiple credit bureaux, internal data and other third-party sources. Plus, integrate seamlessly with GBG’s wider anti-fraud and work flow management suite.

Get instant answers

Decide instantly whether to accept new customers, and deliver an excellent onboarding experience. Screen out fraudsters and treat high value customers appropriately.

A simple-to-use management system

Build a flexible, automated credit-checking and anti-fraud work flow, tailored to your business’ own rules and processes.

GBG products to help...

GBG Activate

GBG Activate is a sophisticated, customisable, credit scoring and management system which you can use to streamline your application process.

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