Bank account verification

Check bank account details are correct for all your payments

Bank account verification

To collect correct customers’ and employees’ bank account details instantly to avoid payment delays and costly bank fees, you need to know every single digit is correct.

We can instantly validate the sort code and account number you’ve been given to make sure you get them right, first time. And for UK-based customers, we’ll even verify that the account details provided really do belong to the customer – and there is no risk of identity fraud.

We can help you with

Automated validation

Instantly validate sort codes and full bank account or IBAN numbers at registration to support regular payments from customers or to your employees.

Full bank details

Reduce the amount of form filling required. We’ll complete the full bank address and contact details from the sort code provided, automatically.

International IBAN

Validate you’ve got the right country code and local format in the details provided to enable international banking transfers, payments by direct debits or BACS.

Identity verification

Check the bank account really does belong to the applicant. Do the details match up to the other identity data provided such as date of birth, address or other payment cards on file?

When you're dealing with customers based all over the world, we know you need to collect correct data instantly. Any queries or delays to the sign-up process represents a risk to your business. Make it as quick and painless as possible with our bank account verification solutions.

GBG products to help...

GBG ID3global

GBG ID3global can verify the identity of almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Formerly GBG Matchcode360. Get your customers on board reliably and with precision, drawing on quality data from over 245 countries and territories through the ultimate in type-ahead UX – taking basic information we can enhance it with business information, utilities supplier – and more.

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