Right to Work

Do your employees have the right to work?

Global Right to Work checks

Global migration is fast becoming a permanent feature of modern life. In 2015, the number of international migrants worldwide reached 244 million worldwide, an increase of 71 million (41%) compared to 2000. Most international migrants are of working age.

This is great news for businesses looking to access the best talent. There are real benefits in having a multi cultural workforce, especially if you're a global company.

258 million

International migrants worldwide in 2017

39 years

The median age of international migrants in 2017


Of fraudsters use counterfeit or forged passports or ID cards

Managing hiring risks

Regulations vary around the world, but hiring people who aren't entitled to work in your country will expose you to legal action and financial penalties - not to mention long-term damage to your reputation. Checking the identity of workers is more than just a compliance issue - it has a very real impact on the bottom line.

Reduce the risk of hiring an illegal worker by using technology to recognise counterfeit ID documents. Using the right technology also gives a detailed audit trail to show you've taken the necessary steps to check an individual has the right to work for you.

Make sure you have the right processes in place to allow your company to recruit globally, without fear of sanctions or increased risk.

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