Driving licence checks

Improve the efficiency of obtaining driving related checks

Driving licence checks

Employers have a duty of care to ensure employees, required to drive on behalf of the company, are fully licensed and have the correct entitlements. The Road Traffic Act and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) require employers to verify driving licences and continuously monitor any changes.

We're specialists in ensuring the validity of driving licences, ensuring you employ the right people faster, having conducted all the necessary checks.

2.6 million

drivers have penalty points


drivers are 3 points or less, away from losing their licence


only 13% of motorists surveyed would tell their employer if they incurred penalty points

Verify licence accuracy and entitlement for all your drivers and monitor driving records – completely online.

View driving licence check results, sourced from source DVLA information, and risk management reports on our secure online system.

Carries out multiple processes all in one place, in real time. Convert results from a deep understanding of driving licence verification into manageable, easy to understand, unique reports. 

What our customers say

GBG has saved me months which I previously spent checking licences manually. I now have the confidence that all our drivers are entitled to drive and the information supports driver training and compliance for fleet insurance.

Lenham Storage

It is essential that all our drivers hold the correct qualifications and licences, and undergo comprehensive, thorough ongoing training. GBG carry out checks on all our licence holders, the results give our passengers reassurance that our drivers are fully equipped.


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