Criminal record checks

Helping you meet compliance regulations

Criminal record checks

Our service allows you to integrate international criminal record checks into your employee screening process. Ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements, wherever you operate. Added to our global identity checking and document validation services, you'll get a complete picture of your new recruit - for maximum reassurance. We offer fast, automated and cost effective screening allowing you to make safer recruitment decisions.


Days are saved during your recruitment process when you use our solutions


Criminal record checks are processed by GBG each year


DBS certificates have prevented more than 150,000 job offers being made to unsuitable candidates

Carrying out criminal record checks is an essential part of the recruitment process. We offer a market leading online service that improves the efficiency, management, and process of criminal record checks - helping you to employ the right people faster, ensuring they have undergone the necessary checks. We specialise in offering tailored solutions which increase efficiency and reduce the costs of completing the checks.

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Offering criminal record checks through a fast, automated and cost effective screening solution

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