Data cleansing & enhancement

Richer, cleaner data

Data cleansing & enhancement

We can help you bring your ‘old’ data back to life.

Poor quality or incomplete customer data can be easily restored with our innovative identity data cleansing solutions. Customer data quickly gets out of date so a regular program of maintenance and enhancement will make sure you are always working with the best possible customer data.

We can provide you with high quality intelligence on which you can base your business decisions.


of customer data decays each year


social network partners available worldwide to help you enhance your customer contact strategy


estimated proportion of business initiatives that fail due to poor data quality (Gartner)

Whether you are looking to achieve a single customer view, remove duplicates or fill in the gaps in your customer records, we’ll make sure you have the right tools to address this - globally.

GBG products to help...

GBG Matchcode360

Get a 360° view of your customers today. Collect basic information, then map it to social profiles and their physical location. 

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