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Helping you deliver a first-class experience

A customer-focused registration solution

We’re all looking for a first-class customer experience. And in an ideal world, 100% of potential customers would complete registration. 

We offer the full range of validation services - global address, telephone, email and bank account - and we want to show you how to take your registration and checkout process to the next level. 

But it doesn’t end there. We can also help you beyond initial registration. Whatever service you offer your customers, we can reduce the number of questions you ask them. There’s no need for follow up questions or to double key information. Less time wasted - more revenue for you. We’d call that first-class service all round.

  • Customer experience
    Validate all your customers details the first time round. No need for follow up questions or to enter details twice.
  • The complete view
    With address, telephone, email and bank validation, you get the whole picture. Which means accurate data for your next campaign or your customer services team.
  • Improve efficiency
    Speed up your registration process, reduce keystrokes and avoid duplicate questions.



On average of customer data decays each year

Synchronise social networks

Match your customers basic details to 130+ social networks - improve customer service and boost sales by building brand awareness

Clean, accurate data

Use our industry leading address cleansing tool to maintain the accuracy of your customer profiles

GBG products to help...


Formerly GBG Matchcode360. Get your customers on board reliably and with precision, drawing on quality data from over 245 countries and territories through the ultimate in type-ahead UX – taking basic information we can enhance it with business information, utilities supplier – and more.

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