Reduce cart abandonment

Improve shopper conversion rates

Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates

You’ve connected a customer to the right product. It’s at the right price. They’re ready to buy. But a poor checkout experience means they simply can’t be bothered. They drop out. And give their business to a competitor.

Despite the growth of e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment is still incredibly high, especially for customers using a mobile device. The average check-out process takes customers through 5 steps - and 50% of sites ask for repeat information.


of people have abandoned an online shopping process


of people abandoned due to a complicated registration process


of people abandon due to poor mobile experience

We believe a smooth user journey before and during the checkout process will optimise conversion rates and increase repeat business and our tools can do this on a global scale. We’ll help you create a bespoke, user-friendly customer journey for all your customers, whichever channel they choose.

We can help you

Simplify registration & check out

Simplify the registration & check out process across all channels. Use our mobile scanning technology to collect data from common ID documents.

Improve shopping experience

Provide your customers with the perfect shopping experience. You have complete control over their journey.

Verify customer identity

If your compliance or fraud systems require you to verify customer identity, we can help. Verify identity for 4 bn citizens and over 4,000 document types.

“Over a third (36.6%) of m-commerce consumers cited fiddly controls, mis-keying and the general mobile shopping experience as being unsatisfactory.”

GBG products to help...

GBG IDscan

Making document authentication simple. It takes a snapshot of your customers ID documents & authenticates them within seconds.

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