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Identify hidden patterns to help with your investigations

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Introducing Visualise by GBG Connexus

Visualise by GBG Connexus allows you to use GBG data in a new and exciting way. We've always been focussed on giving our customers access to the largest breadth and depth of data available anywhere, but with Visualise by GBG Connexus, you now have the ability to use the data to its full potential.

Visualise by GBG Connnexus enables you to quickly identify trends, patterns and correlations like never before.

Visualise by GBG Connexus helps you

Identify patterns and trends in your data
Brings clarity and speeds up decision making
Save time and resource in your investigations
Improve your profitability

Why use Visualise by GBG Connexus?

Understand your data more easily

GBG Connexus is a maze that even the most extensive users can get lost in. Visualise by GBG Connexus enables you to draw a map via a graph, which identifies links between people, places and information.

Brings clarity

Data is presented in a clear and intelligent way, allowing you to see through the fog and making analysis much easier.

Single view

Be able to add your own data alongside GBG Connexus to give you a 360° view of your subject.

Providing insights

Other analytical tools on the market use the client’s own data, the power of Visualise by GBG Connexus is through accessing the data in GBG Connexus – giving you insights through our data.

Make your investigations quicker

Visualise by GBG Connexus makes it easier to find connections and patterns that are often hidden within your data, meaning you get the answers you need quicker.

Save your business money

Quicker investigations mean more resource. Using Visualise for GBG Connexus can help improve your organisation's profitability.

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