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  • thumbnail-claimsID-manager

    GBG ClaimsID Brochure

    With GBG ClaimsID, delivery tracking information can be readily incorporated to provide an end-to-end view of the delivery process.

  • GBG ID3global brochure

    GBG ID3global is an ID verification solution from GBG that pushes the boundaries of innovation. It’s a flexible model that emulates and enhances your own business processes wherever you’re located, making it fit for purpose whatever the scale of your organisation.

  • thumbnail-id3global-case-study

    GBG ID3global case study - Tempcover

    Tempcover reduced their annual loss ratio by 20 points using GBG’s ID Verification service.

  • thumbnail-connexus-product-sheet

    GBG Connexus product sheet

    Whether it's for onboarding, database management, contacting individuals or further investigation, GBG's Connexus uses unique data to enhance every stage of your interactions.

  • thumbnail-connexus-1st-credit-case-study

    GBG Connexus case study - 1st Credit

    1st Credit achieves 365% ROI on customer tracing using our GBG Connexus service.

  • thumbnail-idengage-single-customer-view

    GBG Single Customer View product sheet

    GBG Single Customer View (SCV) will help you understand customer and prospect identities and how each individual interacts with your business.

  • thumbnail-idengage-email-solutions

    Email Solutions product sheet

    GBG’s Email Solutions works with a number of technology partners to provide the tools, solutions and support required to help satisfy customer requirements.

  • Case study - Fitness First

    Fitness First chose GBG Marketing Services to drive increased customer engagement from its email marketing campaigns. Read how GBG helped Fitness First drive a fantastic 42% increase in engagement.

  • thumbnailknowyourpeople-kyp-product-sheet

    GBG KnowYourPeople (KYP) product sheet

    GBG KYP is the leading comprehensive employee identity checking service in the UK.

  • thumbnail-knowyourpeople-kyp-criminal

    Criminal Record Checks product sheet

    GBG offers a market-leading online service that improves the efficiency, management and process of criminal record checks.

  • thumbnail-kyp-knowyourpeople-driving-license

    Driving Licence Checks product sheet

    GBG offers a comprehensive, electronic driver-checking service, which improves the efficiency, management and process of obtaining driving licence, MOT, tax and insurance checks.

  • thumbnail-knowyourpeople-kyp-education-network-case-study

    GBG KnowYourPeople case study - The Education Network

    The Education Network boosts revenue and cuts administration with GBG’s Criminal Record Checking service.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-brochure

    GBG Matchcode 360 brochure

    GBG Matchcode 360 is a real-time customer-identity-registration and data-verification solution.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-social-product-sheet

    GBG Matchcode Social Sync product sheet

    Integrating GBG Matchcode Social Sync into your data enables you to maximise your social marketing strategies, tailor your responses and reactions on line, and take your customer relationships to another level.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-case-study-hanover

    GBG Matchcode 360 case study - Hanover

    Hanover is able to cleanse its existing data stored within the system and upgrade the quality of data management.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-case-study-hotel-perfect

    GBG Matchcode case study - Hotel Perfect

    By signing up as a reseller and building GBG Matchcode into the Hotel Perfect PMS, Hotel Perfect now ensures each guest record that clients add to their database is accurate and conforms to PAF standard.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-case-study-nectar-italia

    GBG Matchcode case study - Nectar Italia

    Nectar Italia was able to ensure that, from day one, data being entered into its system would be of the highest possible standard using the GBG Matchcode Global solution.

  • thumbnail-matchcode-country-coverage

    GBG Matchcode Address Management country coverage

    Our solutions support customers with extended data files that surpass local postal authority files for more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

  • thumbnail-idengage-social-whitepaper

    Social intelligence whitepaper

    Social media is normal. No longer a novelty, it’s an integral part of everyday consumer and business life. In the UK, around three-quarters of adults have an account with at least one social network, while two-thirds are active users.

  • Asia Pacific Brochure

    Rapid changes across Asia-Pacific markets are opening up huge opportunities for innovative businesses.

  • Draft Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive – an analysis

    This paper examines the likely impact of the proposals on regulated entities across the EU. The details of the changes are considered below and regulated entities should plan for changes to their processes and procedures during 2015/16.

  • Cookies, Tracking and the law

    The law which applies to UK companies and their use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies changed in May 2011. Companies have been given a year’s grace period, which ends on 26th May 2012, to comply with the regulations.

  • UK debt collection roundtable summary

    A summary of the roundtable discussion on how the use of digital communications can improve the compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of UK debt collection.

  • Exploring EMV adoption in the US

    EMV has been adopted by almost all of
    the world’s G20 economies, bar one very
    notable example: the US.

  • Data Quality Insight

    A Data Quality Management (DQM) survey
    was conducted in May 2012, following similar
    surveys conducted in 2010 and 2008.

  • The proposed Fourth Money Laundering Directive

    What the proposed Directive means and how to keep your business safe

  • Global shift: Total data quality for e-Retailing

    When it comes to the reasons for poor data quality, the buck is often passed to the customer. GBGroup’s own research in 2008, 2010 and 2012 shows a substantial and stable feeling that a major cause of data quality is data entry errors by customers.

  • Understanding Hotmail’s graymail filter

    At the end of 2011, Hotmail decided to take action on what they call “Graymail” emails which they cannot classify categorically as spam or legitimate email.

  • Socialising your email marketing

    As social media continues to evolve the digital world, there is an on-going challenge for marketers to focus on using either email or social platforms.

  • Ageas Insurance Limited Case Study

    Ageas UK chose GBG solutions to combat insurance fraud, offering the widest UK population data available to the market.

  • GBG KnowYourPeople case study - Plymouth University

    GBG KnowYourPeople case study - Plymouth University

  • thumbnail-id3global-product-sheet-bavv

    GBG ID3global Product Sheet BAVV

    GBG's Bank Account Validation service provides the instant insight you need. Spot and correct discrepancies, accept new payments immediately and prevent fraud.

  • GBG ID3global Product Sheet DIV

    Document Image Validation. Accurate, reliable and comprehensive validation of online documents.

  • GBG ID3global Product Sheet PEPs & Sanctions

    Politically Exposed Persons and Enhanced Sanctions. Identify & screen high-risk individuals.

  • Retail brochure

    Building trust. Cutting losses. Going global. Boosting business.

  • GBG ID3global case study - Admiral Markets

    Admiral Markets chose GBG ID3global, offering instant verification of 4 billion citizens globally

  • GBG KnowYourPeople case study - De Montfort University

    GBG KnowYourPeople case study - De Montfort University

  • GBG DecTech brochure - GBG Predator

    An overview of the full suite of GBG fraud detection and management tools - including GBG Predator

  • GBG DecTech brochure - Activate

    GBG Activate is a product developed by our sister company, GBG DecTech that integrates with our other risk management products to form a full suite of decision support tools; manage workflows around fraud and risk management. Seamlessly.

  • GBG DecTech brochure - Instinct

    GBG Instinct is a product developed by our sister company, GBG DecTech that integrates with our other risk management products to form a full suite of decision support tools; manage workflows around fraud and risk management. Seamlessly.

  • GBG ID3global case study - Jordans Group

    Jordans is a firm of corporate consultants with offices worldwide. They wanted to offer their customers an extended ‘know your customer’ checking service without reliance on paper documentation.

  • Gaming sector brochure

    Take the gamble out of developing customer relationships. When a customer signs up to your service you need that data to be correct and validated.

  • GBG’s Employment Solution

    Smarter employment decisions using
    real identity intelligence

  • GBG Connexus brochure

    GBG Connexus brochure

  • GBG Transactis: Daxon

    Daxon chose GBG Transactis from identity data intelligence specialists GBG, to gain insights on over half a billion UK retail
    transactions and expert modelling services.

  • Are you doing enough for responsible gaming?

    Gaming in the big city known as Earth comes down to three things – registration, verification, and ongoing monitoring. Get these right, and you’ll not only attract more players; you’ll keep them as well.

  • The eight personas of retail customer bases

    Not every customer is the same. They each buy through different channels, respond to your
    marketing in differing ways, shop at different frequencies, and have varying levels of loyalty.

  • Admiral Markets teaser

    Admiral Markets is a leading forex trading provider. To protect itself and comply with regulations, Admiral Markets must verify the identities of people opening accounts. It needs to do this as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Ageas teaser

    Ageas is a major global insurer. To protect itself from false claims, Ageas needed to be able to quickly check the authenticity of the information people include on their motor and home insurance applications.

  • Jordans teaser

    Jordans is a firm of corporate consultants with offices worldwide. They wanted to offer their customers an extended ‘know your customer’ checking service without reliance on paper documentation.

  • GBG Trust - Your Proof of Concept

    GBG Trust is a unique data sharing consortium that has been developed to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes across multiple sectors.

  • Plus500 case study

    Plus500 needed to find a partner who could provide fast and convenient registration and identity checks.