What it does

GBG Transactis holds data on over 40m UK consumers and their buying behaviour. With over 200 contributors and 300 variables it pulls together actual transactional data from over 200 home-shopping and e-commerce brands, so that its rich intelligence can help you make smarter marketing decisions

The benefits of GBG Transactis

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    Support customer acquisition and retention strategies through our unique profiling and modelling technology

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    Reactivate dormant or lapsed customers through our wider consumer view, based on known behaviours and activity

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    Optimise contact strategies on new customers, driven by our lifetime value predictive modelling

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    Enrich insight and understanding of your customers from our multi-dimensional view of the UK consumer, using buying behaviour, demographic, lifestyle and credit attributes

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    Multi-channel intelligence to support all your marketing and insight needs from tactical on- and offline campaigns to deep dive intelligence gathering

How it works

Consortium of Actual Consumer Behaviour +


  • A multi-dimensional view of the UK consumer, developed through multi-channel buying behaviours
  • Unique transactional and lifestyle data source


  • Enhance customer contact strategies to optimise marketing return on investment
  • Underpin customer decisioning with our rich view of the UK consumer
  • Proven success across multiple verticals, including retail, insurance, Travel, financial services
  • Target active consumers via the products they buy, the channel they prefer and with offers they are known to respond to
  • We can identify your high value customers by their ACTUAL buying behaviour, not assumed behaviours as with other lifestyle databases

Customer insights across multiple channels +


  • GBG Transactis data can be segmented by over 300 variables including age, gender, channel and buying preferences for truly customer-centric marketing
  • Access to consumers channel behaviour and preferences:  email, telephone, offline, social id’s, etc
  • Analyse all the available data to identify customers' propensity to purchase across multiple channels


  • Create tailored contact strategies based on really granular insights including product preferences, channel usage and share of wallet
  • Understand customers' online preferences and behaviours to optimise your social strategy
  • Reactivate dormant customers with an appropriate communications and sales strategy

Insights from more than half a billion transactions including +

  • 38 million individuals available for insight and enhancement
  • 24 million multi-buyers for customer acquisition
  • 2 million updates every month
  • 300+ unique transaction variables
  • Email data : 12 m
  • Landline Tel Nos: 10m
  • Mobile Tel Nos: 10m
  • Contributions from 205 leading direct sales brands
  • 8.4 million names not available on the edited
  • Electoral Roll with up to date contact information
  • £17.5 billion worth of spend

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