What it does

If you’re in retail and dealing with problems including fraud, you’re not alone. The GBG Trade consortium is designed by retailers for retailers. It isn’t just a product – it’s a unique community in which you can pool knowledge and insight gained from over 130 million transactions to fight fraud and reduce losses specific to the retail sector.

The benefits of GBG Trade

Fully configured, GBG Trade enables you to:

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    Join a data pool containing over 130 million retail transactions

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    Granular insight over and above credit reference data, particularly for younger age demographics

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    Don't just rely on your own data; gain insights from other retailers' experience to build a complete picture of a shopper’s activity.

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    Daily updates on all losses, giving you the latest view on behaviour for both cash and credit customers

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    Benefit in line with what you put in. You share data like-for-like

How it works

Pools knowledge with others +


Compare customer behaviour with other retailers in areas including:

  • Accounts a customer holds
  • Accounts used for suspected fraud
  • Items claimed
  • Customers who have previously shown no intent to pay 


  • Take advantage of something tailor made for retailers: GBG Trade is designed specifically to address the kinds of fraud and loss experienced in retail
  • Analyse consumer behaviour patterns across a shared information base of over 130 million transactions.

Deploys smoothly +


  • Integrate information easily into your existing systems with batch, real-time and portal access methods
  • Add power to your existing scorecard / rules using unique data variables


  • Use an API to enable searches one at a time, in real time


  • Benefit from an approach made for your market: GBG Trade has been developed to meet the specific needs of retailers 
  • Improve the gini of your scorecards using unique insights from GBG Trade data
  • Increase revenue streams by identifying good customers who can be accepted safely
  • Get the answers you need – fast - without delaying the customer onboarding process

Batch interface +


  • Send millions of data records to us, and we’ll process them and return them to you


  • Deal simply and effectively with large volumes of information

Bespoke response information block +


  • Bring together data from multiple sources on one individual to search for indicators of loss, including fraud


  • Build a complete picture of any individuals of interest to you

Want to run a retro test?

Send us retrospective data and we’ll tell you how much you could have saved with GBG Trade

For a complementary retro-test, call us on 01244 657333 or email us at traderetro@gbgplc.com

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    GBG Trade is a data consortium designed by retailers for retailers. Read how it forges a powerful new weapon in the battle against both professional and opportunistic fraudsters.

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